In order to deliver tickets or other products you order, we need to process data that can be connected to you as an individual. Since Persontrafik is organized alternately by Stockholmsmässan (in Stockholm) and Svenska Mässan (in Gothenburg) both companies will retain your data. Both companies comply with the general data protection regulation and are responsible for the handling of data in accordance with their data protection policy, Stockholmsmässan’s data protection policy, Svenska Mässan’s data protection policy.

I have taken note of Stockholmsmässan´s and Svenska Mässan's data protection policies for processing of personal data.
When you register as stand personnel for an event at Stockholmsmässan, there is certain information that we need from you to produce an exhibitor's card. The exhibitor's card shows that you have the right to access the venue and that you are here to work in an exhibitor's stand. More information about our personal data processing can be found in Stockholmsmässan's data protection policy.